Webber & Thies

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our litigators have handled many matters across a wide range of areas, including, for example: complex litigation (i.e., class actions and mass plaintiff cases); ERISA; Employment Discrimination (e.g., race, gender, pregnancy, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, retaliatory discharge); insurance rescission; private duty nursing; FEHBA; tort claims; contract claims; insurance provider disputes; and multi-district litigation matters. We have litigated in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and before numerous administrative bodies.

Over the years, we have had numerous favorable results in litigation matters. Highlights include: favorable verdicts; summary judgments; pleading based and voluntary dismissals (in cases we have defended); voluntary dismissals; class action settlements receiving court approval (in federal and state courts); class actions resolved on an individual basis and victories in appellate and supreme courts.

We have also advised clients on numerous other litigation-related issues, such as: the preparation of witnesses in third party litigation; the creation of "litigation hold" memoranda and other electronic discovery protocols; the drafting of external communications materials; and the provision of written opinions on these or related subjects.

We have handled matters in Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") settings, including successfully handling a number of very complicated mediations. Our lawyers have also had significant experience with arbitrations in the areas of commercial disputes and labor.

We are strong proponents of Early Case Assessment ("ECA"). Our goal with every case we handle is to position the client -- at the earliest possible point -- to make strategic decisions for how to proceed. These decisions include whether to vigorously litigate, whether to engage in Alternative Dispute Resolution, or whether to attempt a negotiated settlement (or some combination of these alternatives). We believe that ECA is a very important part of establishing good client communications, and to making intelligent, cost-effective case decisions as soon as possible.

David C. Thies
John E Thies