Webber & Thies

Environmental Law

Our firm handles a variety of environmental matters for the clients of Webber & Thies, P.C., including the following:

Protecting the innocent neighbor of contaminated properties

Many persons are unaware that when a neighbor has an environmental problem, no agency or government is likely to come to the rescue of their property rights. We can:

Help to minimize the duration and scope of any damage to your property;
See that your voice is heard at the State of Federal Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") when your property is discussed;

Help protect you from 3rd party liability for either the pollution or the cleanup; and

Help you recover compensation for property losses and interference.

Helping the conscientious business respond to environmental problems

Many businesses do not realize that they can become liable for monumental environmental cleanup costs and penalties, even when they have not violated any law or regulation. Many more do not realize that choosing the right environmental consultant can mean the difference between survival and disaster. We will:

Explain the difference between wastes that are hazardous and those which are "hazardous wastes";

Teach you what to look for in an environmental consultant – and what to avoid;

Explain legal shortcomings that can render an Environmental Site Assessment ("Phase I");

Help you to navigate environmental notices, inspections, reports and permit conditions; and

Represent your interests when your business has been notified that one of the EPAs (state or federal) believes it is liable for cleanup of a contaminated site.

Assisting businesses and individuals in avoiding environmental problems

Growing businesses are particularly vulnerable to the hazards associated with selling or acquiring contaminated properties. We can:

Assist with crafting contracts that help put the risk of contamination where it belongs;

Help the buyer ensure that it has performed "due diligence" before it buys a piece of property – and understand why it is important to do so;

Guide businesses in protecting their bottom lines when it is time to sell; and

Aid the client in identifying potential business sites that may present lucrative opportunities for governmental assistance in purchasing and developing contaminated properties.

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