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Business Planning and Support

Lawyers and staff working in our Business Planning and Support practice area are prepared to address most legal needs of our business clients, including the following:

Business formation - We advise clients as to their various options as to business entity form, including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. After guiding the client through this selection process, we work with them to properly structure the entity through organizational documents, bylaws, agreements among partners or shareholders and all minutes reflecting adoption or approval of these matters. We serve as registered agent for the entity, where appropriate, and are always available to consult on questions of operation or transition that might require the amendment or replacement of governance documents.

Mergers and Acquisitions - As business combinations become possible or necessary, we advise and advocate for our clients in the negotiation and completion of all types of business mergers, acquisitions or sales.

Business transactions - A business entity confronts a variety of transactional questions during its business life, and we are ready to work with our clients wherever needed. Business entities involve themselves in everything from contractual concerns to real estate (ownership or leasing) and intellectual property; from employment law questions to regulatory concerns. Business transactions often result in the preparation of Contracts We also are prepared for the fact that businesses occasionally face a need for dispute resolution, and our litigators will advocate for our client at all levels of the process, including mediation, arbitration and litigation.

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